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This game was made in one week for the 1st Funny Jam Game Jam:


The theme of the jam was MLG so I chose to base the game around Microwave Lunches and Guns. The main objective is to kill the zombies and survive as long as you can. The game is still bug filled and unfinished. This is just a prototype i have been working on to work on my game development skills. There is no question that if the game gets positive feedback that I will continue to support it, but as of now its just a prototype/concept idea I had.

Christmas Update Patch Notes -

  • The Map has been given a Christmas theme, and supports Day and Night.
  • The Player and Zombie model has gotten an upgrade which you can also customize inside your Zombie Base Camp(BETA).
  • Hats are now available to put on.
  • Zombie's now must enter the map through repairable barricades.
  • A weapon box has also been added to supply the player with a random weapon. A currency system has been added to support this.
  • Exploding Barrels were added around the map which deal massive damage to zombies if you can get them close enough.
  • The Fridge has been reintroduced which gives the player a consumable every 10 seconds.
  • A Generator which players can interact with has been added.
  • Lighting was given a smooth upgrade along with the menu and UI.
  • Several graphical effects have been added.
  • An "ADD" (Ability Duration Display) has been added to the UI.
  • Several sounds have been added.
  • An online leaderboard/highscores list has been implemented.
  • Support for Mac OS X.

Bug Squishes -

  • The players equipped gun would not fire until the second shot.
  • The Enemy/Barricade functionality has been reworked several times.
  • Pausing the game would not restrict player movement.
  • The camera follow behavior created massive errors when the player died.
  • The player could glitch outside the map by walking into the corner of certain fences (WIP).
  • Light from the outside lamps could shine through the walls of the house.
  • When food finished microwaving the player could not microwave again until walking away from it.
  • Fixed lots of lighting errors.

Install instructions

1. Download .zip file.

2. Right Click and select Extract All.



Microwave Lunch+Guns v1.0BETA_Data.zip 16 MB

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